The story of Spochan Thaialnd began in 2000 when I visited for the internship in Japan. An instructor in Thai sport association introduced Sports Chanbara to me from the newspaper because we have the similar sport in Thailand called DabThai and Krabi Krabong. We would like to find the challenge for the players who are interested in the international sport. So, that is the first time I have an experience to join the Sports Chanbara in Japan.

After that, we have practice Spochan with small group in Thailand. The big change began in 2003 when I got the Japanese Government Scholarship for my Ph.D. in the University of Tokyo. That was the great time to join the training with U-Tokyo members.

Due to my special interest in Japanese Budo so I find the chance to learn more about Samurai martial arts and Sports Chanbara. During my period in Japan from 2003 to 2007, I have the chances to join the World Sports Chanbara Championship and other events such as Japan Championship and Tokyo Championship. I found that this sport is really interesting both of myself and many participants. So I continue to practice and join the championship many times.

The Story of Thailand Sports Chanbara Association (TSCA)‚Äč is founded when I graduated from Japan and came back to Thailand in 2007.

Let continue the story of Spochan Thailand together.

Dr.Datchakorn Tancharoen

President, Thailand Sports Chanbara Association (TSCA)